About us

Roma Fuel a family business,

established in 2010, is a mature and growing fuel wholesaler and distributor, operating out of Tzaneen in Limpopo Province.

The business trades in several Limpopo Districts. Roma Fuel operates out of our depot with storage facilities for 80 000 liters of low sulphur diesel, and customer deliveries are affected by two rigid Fuel Tankers with a delivery capacity of 32 200 liters.

The main product line is diesel and is sourced from the Motola Fuel Depot in Mozambique, by road delivery. This diesel has a sulphur content of less than 10ppm, as against RSA produced low sulphur diesel of 50ppm.


In 2017 the company established, and LP Gas division know as RomaGaz. With initial supply and limited volumes supported by Total Gaz, the company began to slowly gain market share in the Tzaneen District. Later the company entered into a supply agreement with Oryx, who with a far better customer relationship and security of supply enabled Romagaz to expand. LP Gas is stored at the Roma Fuel depot in Tzaneen where gas is available 24 hours a day and distributed to our customers Monday to Friday.