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Regulations for gas installations

Gas bottles must be installed:

•More than 1 metre across from doors and windows.
• More than 2 metres away from any air vents and drains.
• More than 3 metres below any windows
• More than 1 metre from your properties boundary wall.
• More than 5 metres across from an electrical point or plug that have a switch or switches.
• Light bulbs must be more than 1.5 metres above your gas bottles.

Other installation rules:

• Only approved gas piping, may be used. Copper pipes must either Class 1 or 2 which is not the same copper piping used by plumbers.
• Any copper pipes that run through walls must be sleeved.
• Your flexible gas hose must be approved and may not be more than 2m long. Your hose may not go through any partition including cupboard walls, wood or dry wall.

Remember! Always: 

• Use a registered installer.
• Use a certified gas dealer.
• Use a verified and tested gas product.
• Before use inspect your gas appliances.